I had an LA client-a singer, a gorgeous blond woman who told me she’d been having sex with Reptilian Aliens. I listened. She loved to talk about how great the sex was and how it had totally ruined sex with human men for her.

She was smart, witty, a woman of the world and seemed a regular LA-type woman except for that one little thing. I liked her a lot and enjoyed her company.

We’d had a tour of the Magic Castle and afterwards headed to a Japanese restaurant just down the mountain for a leisurely early dinner.

We were talking, laughing and naturally she was going on and on about something reptilian – her fav topic.

I kind of went into a hazy, non-focused state. I was tired, a little jet-lagged.  She, on the other hand, was wide awake and grateful to have someone to share these experiences with who wasn’t saying anything negative about it. Consequently I was listening to vivid details about sex with aliens.

I was also focused on trying to use my chopsticks correctly and looking at her and commenting now and then.

I looked up as she was animatedly telling me about her alien lover. I was going to comment, “really, that good, huh?”

But instead I slowly saw her face morph into an alien reptilian face. Clear as a bell. Her face was her same face; it slowly changed into light green with darker green edges on the scales and her facial features narrowed.

I made a sound, not quite a scream, a little screech maybe.

“What’s wrong Sandra, what’s wrong?”

“Too much wasabi-went down the wrong way.”

But inside of my own mind I was saying I’ve got to get out of here.

It was scary and it was real.