Sandra Martin Snapshots author writer paraview“Have you ever taken your deep, vague spiritual yearnings to the bookstore aisle and found one volume of wisdom that spoke to you like your oldest friend? Have you surfed the channels and found a program about astounding human potentials that made your eyes pop? Have you had quirky experiences that puzzled you until you found something on the internet that showed you the significance of it? Then you owe a lot to Sandra Martin, and you almost certainly don’t know it.

Sandra Martin has been a game-changer in a genre she practically invented and then pushed into the world of publishing and film – the genre of spiritual seeking and self-help. In Snapshots she relates a series of stories of her remarkable career and rich life, and accompanies each story with a favorite recipe or two resonant with the story’s theme. This quiet, funny, charming southern lady zooms us around from southern Virginia to Cairo and Paris and Taos and London and LA and New York (lots of LA and even more of New York), introducing us to many remarkable, often famous people along the way, always with a deep quest for the meaning of it all, and the highest regard for the inner explorers who offer real wisdom. She knows the world needs to hear them, and with extraordinary energy and determination, through her literary agency and media projects she has let them speak. We see her wear down publishing houses and win over movie stars, crash in the grand canyon, and follow a remarkable love story guided by nothing more sensible than intuition.

I imagine hearing these stories on a big, southern porch. This porch is an inch from the garden, and an inch from the kitchen. This woman of dreams lives right on the ground. After enough talk, she feeds us wonderful dishes mostly from the garden. The potatoes just had the dirt knocked off, the rosemary and tomatoes are still hot from the sun.” – Jim Carpenter, Ph.D.


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