When I moved to New York City in 1989 to start my career as a literary agent. I was working with authors in the fields of the paranormal, alternative health, UFOs, Remote Viewing, Ghosts, Dreams, Meditation and Deep Spirituality.


The books sold in these genres at the time were with small publishers, had little distribution and were frowned upon by mainstream publishers in New York City.


This was what I encountered. And this is what happened during the following twenty some years.


1. Yoga was a physical exercise with a spiritual purpose – now it is an exercise modality to get in better shape. No mention of how each movement was to trigger different chakras.


2. Dreams were believed to be a way that the brain cleared itself of the detritus of the day, so science said. Now dreams are a doorway to the unconscious. A path for foretelling future events and connection with those who have died.


3. Meditation was a process to access the divine. Now it is a way to calm a spinning mind. No mention of accessing your higher consciousness, the God within.


4. Psychics were palm readers with signs in the window and 1-800 numbers. Now there are classes teaching how to access information from other realms. Classes teaching military personnel how to tap into the ‘unknown’ and mainstream classes on intuition, multiple series on local channels and cable about mediums, near-death experiencers, psychics and healers.


5. UFOs were only found in obscure pamphlets or poorly written books. Now they are hit TV series and major movies. Ancient Aliens is the most popular on the History Channel, but UFO 12 titles are listed currently running on mainstream TV, Netflix, etc. This year the US Government released video showing UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) which they are calling, UAP – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena


6. Ghosts and unexplained phenomena were the stuff of horror movies (and they still are) but now you can learn how to “call” ghosts or “see” ghosts with infrared cameras. Ghost Hunters is still a big series but there are ten series based on finding ghosts airing every week.


7. Ancient Civilizations – numerous series on finding Atlantis, looking for Noah’s Ark, seeking pyramids in jungles, under ice caps – wherever you look you can find an ancient civilization that drives our “human” timeline farther and farther into the distant past. These series are rewriting history.


8. And Alternative Health – is everywhere!