Astrological Sign of Scorpio

Thoughts about astrology and trying to figure what it all means. And exactly what does it mean to be a Scorpio.

I am writing a piece for my new to-be book about life lessons I learned by being a literary agent for the New Age World and decided to take a break from “lessons.”  I decided to write about my introduction to astrology.

My ex-husband Kirk and his devotion to astrology really taught me about astrology. He was a Scorpio, too.

He was an amazing astrologer, my second marriage, and, I had a strong will and an “I am not sure about astrology” person: he was the opposite, he was dead certain sure about the art and craft of astrology. A true believer, a regular born-again astrologer. My reticence became his challenge to bring me into the fold by the only way he knew-via my astrology chart-I’d understand and accept. Yes, he was very smart.

Many mornings he’d tell me about my day – and I’d dismiss it, because I, Sandra, was in control of my day. So there. When I got home, he’d asked, very casually, how my day had gone. I found that it was astounding that those planets had such an influence. I tried every way to rationalize it. Even making it magic, in which no one believes, all tricks, but it looked and felt so real.

I questioned. He’d teach me a little, just a little at a time – this is your Sun conjunct Jupiter, or about a Saturn square or why a trine in your chart and what it means when this planet does this or that or whatever.  Little by little, never overbearing, never too much, just a sip at a time.

Consequently, he tricked me into understanding and accepting astrology using my own astrology chart.

The final understanding and acceptance happened on a day when I’d gotten home very late from work: it’d been a bad, bad day. I was exhausted and had held in my anger – all day. So, I did what all married couples do, I took it out on him. Arguments and anger. He was so calm. He took my arm, sweetly, and said “I want to show you something outside.” I took a deep breath; he took my hand and we went out into the yard. We lived a block from the Atlantic Ocean. A beautiful night, a nice breeze, a clear sky.

He put his arm around my shoulders and pointed up. I looked at the moon over the ocean, glowing full and gorgeous. He attention was elsewhere. “Can you see that planet I am pointing out?” The planets don’t twinkle only the stars twinkle. I turned and saw where he was pointing. He said, “That is the planet Mars. Now Mars and the Moon are square and every single time that square happens you get really angry.”

“You don’t have a real reason to be angry: you just need an object to focus your Mars square the moon energy and anger on. Unfortunately, that is me, today and it is also probable that many clients upset you today but you had to be the nice southern lady your mom taught you to be.

He went on: This is why astrology is important. You can acknowledge how you feel, but CHOOSE not go there. You can just take a deep breath and let it go, you don’t have to journey down that road. The Mars squaring the moon is a harsh square, it creates tension and conflict. But you, Sandra, are in control – not the planets. They are helpful and can guide, but it is your free will that trumps everything else.”

And just like that I understood – sigh.  Really changed my life. Random anxiety or anger I learned to just let go unless it was valid. I learned to appreciate the planets and their world, as it affected me or not.

He helped me more with my insecurity/conflicts/anxiety than anyone ever had – all because of astrology.

The first symbol of Scorpio is the scorpion and it illustrates the Mars factor of Scorpio. It symbolizes the aggressive intensity of a Scorpio’s anger, their self-protective natures, and their strong sexual nature.

That was a little intro to my life with an astrologer but it got so much more interesting as I traveled around – interviewing people for my local television series.

My mom, Florence Martin was Director of Virginia State Travel and Tourism for a Center on Interstate 85 near Lake Gaston and Bracey, Virginia. Her job was to visit the various historical and tourist sites around Virginia. She’d investigate and see for herself so she could promote these sites in Virginia to travelers going North on I-85. I drove her to visit many of them when I could – It was fascinating. I saw a ghost walking down steps on an old Plantation, I learned about Swannanoa, and we attended many plantation and Williamsburg tour talks.

She visited The Swannanoa University of Science and Philosophy in Faber, Virginia, just north of Charlottesville as part of her job. Swannanoa was built in 1912 by a rail road executive, Major James Dooley for his wife Sally May. He also built their home, Maymont, in Richmond which is now a one-hundred-acre public park.

Mom was captivated and read all of Walter Russell’s books. In 1950 he had a life changing event and after that said that “Religion and Science must come together in a New Age.”  He died in 1963 and his wife Lao had also written a book, Love, which mom also loved. She often asked me to drive her to visit with Lao. Mom was a long-time seeker and loved Lao Russell and the estate of Swannanoa housing the University of Science and Philosophy. Consequently, we traveled to that area for lectures and for the beautiful mountains. We’d sit for lectures on dreams from Robert Van deCastle, Ph.D., reincarnation with Dr. Ian Stephenson, or the Monroe Institute but always we stopped at Swannanoa.

The second symbol of Scorpio the Eagle: Eagles represent honesty, truth, majesty, strength, courage, wisdom, power and freedom. As they roam the sky, they are believed to have a special connection to God

Following is a list of a few of the Scorpios I met early in my career.

Robert Monroe, the founder of the Monroe Institute originally was focused on Out of Body Experiences-initiated by his own experiences. I read his book, Journeys Out of the Body when it was published.

In the early 80s, while attending a talk at the Monroe Institute – I was sitting in the lobby chatting up other attendees (after a three-hour drive from Virginia Beach to Faber, Virginia) and I was filled with questions, ideas, stories.  An office was right by the lobby. The door opened and a beautiful woman with a great mane of gorgeous hair, walked out, stood before me and asked me who I was.  She said “You sound exactly like my father – everything you have said I’ve heard him ask or say.”

She said follow me, sat me down in front of her desk and asked for my birthdate, place of birth and gave me a little astrology reading. And explained some of father’s chart. Bob Monroe’s birthday was October 30, like mine.

Twice I drove a friend from Virginia Beach to the Monroe Institute. I thought his work was outstanding and wanted others to know more about his extraordinary research. My friend was a journalist and feature writer for the Norfolk paper (the largest in Virginia). Eventually I convinced her to write a wonderful feature article on Bob and The Monroe Institute.

Because of Kirk and his love for astrology he always asked me birthdates of people I liked and went to see/interview-something I would’ve never thought to ask: Ian Stephenson, Robert Monroe, Robert van de Castle. Al1 were Scorpios. I remembered these particular birthdates because we were all Virginians. Which I thought was very unusual for staid, conservative Virginia and University of Virginia, where many of them worked.

Scorpio is represented by multiple symbols: The Scorpion, The Eagle, and The Phoenix. These three symbols or totems represent the stages of transformation Scorpio undergoes during the spiritual journey.  Kirk said, definitely I was the Phoenix- of course he was my husband.

These are the Virginia Researchers and Experiencers that I met early on in my career. They were all gracious and nice to me and I still value and appreciate their conversations and time.

It started with Mr. Robert Monroe

Robert (Bob) Monroe was born October 30, 1915 and died March 17, 1995.  He was a radio broadcasting executive who had an Out of Body Experience. Afterwards he devoted himself to understanding and researching OBEs and altered states of consciousness and founded The Monroe Institute.

Dr. Ian Stevenson was born on October 31, 1918 and died on February 8, 2007. He was a psychiatrist and founder of the Division of Perceptual Studies at University of Virginia School of Medicine. His main research was on reincarnation.  He was unfailing gracious, informative and I felt very comfortable talking with him.

When I could convince my journalist friend to travel the three hours from Norfolk/Virginia Beach, I’d also try to visit with Dr. Stevenson because I thought he’d be another great interview for her. And yes, she wrote excellent article on his work on reincarnation for the Virginian Pilot.

Robert Van de Castle was born on November 16, 1927 and died January 29, 2014. He was a professor and researcher of dreams at the University of Virginia.  He was a consultant on the series I created for The Discovery Channel-aired in 1994. And he had a great interview but it was in the Richmond newspaper, The Times-Dispatch.

And then there is Swannanoa and Walter and Lao Russell.

Walter Russell, born May 19, 1871 and died May 19, 1963. Not a Scorpio. He was a New York artist and builder who created $30 million cooperative apartments during 1912, NYC. He created the concept of “co-op” housing.  Lao married Walter when he was age 77, while Lao was 44. They were mystically and scientifically inclined. He was an extraordinary artist and Lao provided the push and inspiration. <strong>Lao Russell was a Scorpio, November 6, 1904 in England and died May 5, 1988.

Another researcher, but not a Virginian, nor a Scorpio was J.B. Rhine. He and his wife Louisa’s research had a great influence on me. Joseph Banks Rhine, born September 29, 1895 and died February 20, 1980. Not a Scorpio.    Originally a botanist, he founded parapsychology as a branch of psychology while working at Duke University. He coined the phrase, ESP – Extrasensory Perception. His wife and co-founder, Louisa Ella Rhine was a Scorpio and born November 9, 1891 and died March 17, 1983

The third symbol is a phoenix, a spirit animal symbolizes hope, rebirth, and transformation

Bruce Greyson, retired UVA professor and NDE researcher born in October, 1946-no day available. Another amazing researcher and professor at UVA. He has been researching Near Death Experiencers for many years.