Sandra Martin 2017

I was standing in line to buy a book at a conference. I had my name badge on and was kind of zoned out like you get at conferences. As my turn at the front of the line came, the man before me was not looking at my face; he was reading my name badge.

Quickly glancing up, a huge smile on his face, he asks, “Are you The Sandra Martin?” I was surprised by the excitement in his voice more than the question. I am often asked that question when I attend consciousness and spiritual and paranormal conferences.

“Yes, I am that Sandra Martin.“

Words poured out of him, “Every book I’ve read in the last 20 years had your name in the acknowledgements, ‘this couldn’t have happened without Sandra Martin- thank you and thank you to Sandra Martin.’ I think you represented all my favorite authors and then you actually had a publishing imprint at Simon and Schuster and published more-books that I don’t think would’ve made it without you.”

After that outpouring, he slid his chair back, leaned to the right, and yelled to a man down the counter, “Look who is here! Sandra Martin.” And amazingly enough, that guy also asked, “The Sandra Martin?”

Later the three of us had wine and talked and talked. I told them stories; they told me stories and it was wonderful.

All my life I’ve been building and selling, publishing and promoting books and authors in the field of consciousness, spirituality and the paranormal. I’ve made television documentaries on these subjects and been on many like-minded organizations and foundation boards all over the U.S. I am devoted to spreading the word of a larger understanding of who we are as human beings – to paraphrase the Orphic Mysteries, we are children of earth and starry heaven but our race is of heaven alone.

I have also found that there are thousands of women named Sandra Martin. What a common name combination Sandra Martin is! When I retired from my career as a literary agent in New York City I moved back to the farm I grew up on. I’d drive to Durham for meetings and organic foods and I’d listen to the Durham NPR radio station. Often I’d hear an interview with a Dr. Sandra Martin – which was always a surprise to hear my name called out on the radio while I was driving along I-85. The Sandra Martin they were interviewing was a professor at the University of North Carolina. I am certain she must be a lovely and brilliant person! Every time I heard her name, it made me smile.

For the past 25 to 30 years as I’ve attended conferences or at even parties someone would approach me and ask: “Are you The Sandra Martin?” It is a little disconcerting. That question, “Are you The Sandra Martin?” Each time I’d find myself wordless; what to say? The next question was, “You are the literary agent, right?”

“Yes, I am The Sandra Martin.”