Review of The Martians by Nick Redfern by Sandra Martin

Mars has always intrigued me. I am a Scorpio and have Mars/Scorpio in my chart.

From childhood I watched the moon as it passed my bedroom window. I was drawn to it as millions of people are – something so far away yet seemingly so near.

When I was around 22 and attending a two week camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains that Dr. George Ritchie conducted I had an extraordinary meditation experience. It was early morning before we’d had our breakfast and I’d decided to take a walk into the forest to meditate. I found a nice flat stump to sit on in a perfect lotus position (I could do that then). I was in a deep state of meditation and felt my soul body leave my physical body. This had happened before so I wasn’t scared.  I left my body and traveled far out in to space. I was about half way to the moon and put the brakes on-I asked myself what is happening here, why am I headed to the moon? The moon looked barren and cold. I looked back at Earth all green and inviting and returned to my lotus position. I thought that I was mid-way between the moon and the earth. I’m not sure how long I sat there in space meditating, but I missed breakfast. When I returned to my physical body I experienced a deep and almost overwhelming love for the Earth, our Mother.  It has stayed with me over 50 years.

That was then.

This week I read The Martians: evidence of life on the red planet by Nick Redfern. It surpassed all my expectations. I wait with great expectations for the pub date of Nick’s books. Nick is a master of the FOIA requests/computer search and has the gift of straight forward and entertaining story telling for complex, convoluted and mysterious subjects.

One of the first issues he brings to light is how many science fiction books and stories from centuries back, starting with Jonathan Swift’s 1713 novel, Gulliver’s Travels center on the planet Mars.  Swift wrote about Mars having two moons which weren’t actually discovered by astronomers until 1877. In 1897 H. G. Wells published The War of the World about an invasion of from the Red Planet. Edgar Rice Burroughs, in 1912, a series of books about John Carter’s Adventures on Mars. The fascinating list goes on and on-ending with Ridley Scott’s 2015 The Martian starring Matt Damon.

Nick starts with what we already know about what is on Mars, and the Moon, the stepping stone to Mars.  He then follows up with scientific papers and theories from various military and government organizations.  And the CIA’s Remote Viewers.

He says, “The obvious first issue is the elephant in the room, The Face on Mars.” And that original photograph was from almost fifty years ago. I only remember hearing about it in the 1990s.

NASA discovered The Face, on July 25, 1976 after it had been photographed by NASA’s Viking mission probe.  Nick covers every startling image photographed, re-imagined, doctored and all ancient myths of Mars and life on Mars.  He describes and clarifies many of the images on Mars from the Face, to pyramids, to live crab-like animals climbing around, to a king and his crown, to skulls – and on and on. Lots of probes have come and gone from Mars. There are millions of images.  All easily accessible.

What I’ve described is what is in the first two chapters. The book is totally mesmerizing and full of little known facts, organized history and science. He has remote viewers testimony and he has “messages from Mars.”

It is a must read book for anyone interested in understanding who we are and how we got here.


Sandra Martin