New Moon Ceremony September 17, 2020

We had a group meditation, while each of us was in his or her own home, at 7 PM, Thursday evening. We were joining together to pray for peaceful coexistence for everyone in our precious country.  We were praying for healing of the planet and healing for all of us-body, mind and soul.

Ellie Newbauer, our Wise Woman of 95, wrote a meaningful and heartfelt poem.

Thank you Ellie.

Virgo’s New Moon

Into the bucket of Virgo’s new moon

We pour our needs and wants and hopes:

Our need for equality for everyone,

Our need for neighbor coming together

With neighbor in honor and support,

Our need for the overseers of our country

To lay aside the mean of politics

And come together with the voice

Of loving parents for our beloved country.

Our hearts want to fill this huge void with hope:

The hope in every heart of peace,

love and understanding.

We know the Creator of all things hears

Our sincere plea for help.

Ellie Newbauer, September 17, 2020


I had been preparing by reading The Book of Ceremonies: A Native Way of Honoring and Living the Sacred by Gabriel Horn.

The essence of meditation brings that oneness that is sometimes overwhelming.

Gabe says it best:  We share life simultaneously with all things in a Totality without beginning and without – end – this is a humbling notion, but the humility we experience when we realize it helps us transcend into a greater sense of Place and Purpose, and into a sacred responsibility for being alive, and a part of it all.